Good Ticket Initiative Shows Impact of Humanity in Police Work

We’re honored to share a heartwarming story that exemplifies the incredible impact the LVMPD Foundation’s Good Ticket initiative is making on law enforcement. Recognizing the humanity in policing is a powerful step towards creating a law enforcement environment that prioritizes empathy, understanding, and community well-being. This approach benefits officers and contributes to safer, more connected communities.
Officer Kyle Koontz was honored with a Good Ticket for his exceptional compassion in the aftermath of a tragic incident. What made this ceremony truly special was the surprise attendance of the family of a shooting victim, Jacob Hughey.
The family was deeply moved by Officer Koontz’s unwavering effort and the compassion he demonstrated towards Jacob. In a heartfelt commendation using #LVMPD, Jacob’s mother expressed her gratitude, stating, “He gave my son the respect, kindness, and attention only a mother can hope for during the last minutes of his life.”
Hats off to Ofc Koontz, who exemplifies the values we hold dear in our law enforcement community.
The Good Ticket is made possible through a meaningful partnership with Resorts World Las Vegas, serving as a heartfelt thank you to LVMPD employees who consistently display empathy and humanity in the challenging work they do.
Let’s continue to celebrate and support initiatives that make a positive difference in our communities. Together, we can build a safer and more compassionate future. 💙