Programs We Fund

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation helps to fund hundreds of units, programs, and initiatives as well as training and equipment for community safety and crime prevention efforts.

Your contribution to the Foundation shows your dedication to a safer community.  

  • 3:3 Safe Neighborhood Youth Basketball Tournament
  • Area Commands & Substations
    • Bolden Area Command
    • Convention Center Area Command
    • Downtown Area Command
    • Enterprise Area Command
    • Northeast Area Command
    • Northwest Area Command
    • Spring Valley Area Command
    • South Central Area Command
    • Southeast Area Command
    • Summerlin Area Command
    • Laughlin Substation
    • Overton Substation
  • Air Support / Search & Rescue
  • Bolden Little League
  • Bolden Lions Futbol Club
  • Clark County Detention Center
  • Community Oriented Policing Teams
  • Communications Bureau
  • Crime Stoppers of Nevada
  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Explorers
  • Hispanic Citizens Police Academy
  • Hispanic Outreach
  • Honor Guard
  • Joint Emergency Training Institute (JETI)
    • Advanced Officer Skills Training
    • Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC)
    • Reality Based Training
    • Indoor Tactical Training Village
  • K-9 Section & Trials
  • LLILE Summit
  • LINCT-AA Conference
  • Metro Volunteer Program
  • Office of Community Engagement
    • DREAM Mentorship Program
    • Flagship Events
      • Easter
      • Back to School Initiative
      • National Night Out
      • Halloween Events
      • Thanksgiving Meal Distribution
      • Santa Cops / Shop with a Cop
    • Hydroponics Youth Mentorship Project
    • Law Enforcement Empowerment & Athletic Program (LEEAP)
    • LIMA Graduation
  • SWAT Unit
  • Volunteer Police Chaplain
  • Women of Metro

Our three pillars of support to LVMPD

Equipment and Technology

Investing in modern equipment and technology enhances officer safety and improves public safety in our communities while boosting efficiency and effectiveness. By providing new technology and better resources, we empower law enforcement to prevent crime, respond swiftly to incidents, achieve better outcomes from their investigations, and ensure the safety of our officers as they face evolving challenges on our streets.


The Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting LVMPD training initiatives through the development of the Joint Emergency Training Institute (JETI). By providing essential funding and resources, JETI facilitates comprehensive training programs for law enforcement officers and other first responders, enhancing their preparedness for any situation. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub for collaborative training efforts, equipping officers and first responders with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively address complex challenges in law enforcement, ultimately fostering safer communities.

Community Engagement

Community engagement programs, initiatives, and crime prevention events have a wide-ranging impact on public safety. They drive engagement, build trust, improve communication, empower communities, and contribute to reducing crime rates. By fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the community, these efforts humanize the badge and create safer streets for everyone.