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The tragic events of October 1 and other mass casualty incidents worldwide are a stark reminder for emergency responders to stay vigilant and proactive in protecting our communities.

Recognizing the critical need for comprehensive cross-jurisdictional training, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) spearheads the Joint Emergency Training Institute (JETI).

This state-of-the-art training campus will equip Nevada’s first responders with the skills necessary to handle any emergency. To support this initiative, the LVMPD Foundation has launched a $35 million fundraising campaign to establish the JETI, ensuring the safety of our officers, residents, and visitors.

This cutting-edge facility will provide essential, life-saving training for local, state, and national law enforcement officers and first responders.

The first phase of JETI features a $35 million state-of-the-art reality-based training facility and an indoor tactical training village. The LVMPD Foundation is leading the effort to secure private funding for this vital project.

The reality-based training building spans 50,000 square feet. It includes modern training resources such as mat rooms, classrooms, simulators, and administrative space for LVMPD management.

The indoor tactical training village offers over 130,000 square feet of environmentally controlled space where first responders can train in realistic settings. This facility prepares them for various scenarios, from personal and citizen defense to high-profile incidents, including active shooter situations.

The indoor tactical training village enables units to collaborate on comprehensive responses to emergencies, including active shooter events. Simulated environments provide critical training that enhances coordination and saves lives. This training method conditions officers, enhances their decision-making skills and improves their ability to handle stress, ensuring they are prepared for real-world challenges.

Scientific evidence supports reality-based training as the most effective way to overcome stress and ensure training retention. This facility is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the western United States, embodying the spirit of Vegas Strong.

We invite you to support our fundraising campaign for JETI. Your contribution to the Foundation demonstrates your commitment to creating a safer community.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Tomlin-Kurr at ltomlin-kurr@lvmpdfoundation.org or 702.768.4288

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