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Reality Based Training Center Fundraising Campaign

The events of 1 October and other mass casualty incidents around the world have been and should be a wakeup call for emergency responders everywhere.  We must constantly strive to be a step ahead of those who wish to do harm in our communities.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department realized the pressing need for cross-jurisdictional training locally and is spearheading the formation of the Nevada Joint Training Center, a cooperative world-class training campus for Nevada’s first responders. In response, the LVMPD Foundation has launched a $25 million fundraising campaign to make this new Reality Based Training Center a reality for the safety of our officers, our public, and our visitors.

This new facility will provide essential, life-saving training to local, state, and national law enforcement officers and first responders.

The first phase of the Center is a $25 million state-of-the-art Reality Based Training facility. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation is taking the lead in securing funding for the first phase of this effort, which will be funded through private dollars.

The first phase consists of two adjacent buildings; the first building will contain over 50,000 square feet of the most modern and dedicated training resources found in the country including mat rooms, classrooms, simulators, and the offices and other administrative space for the LVMPD management of the facility.

In this building, our officers will benefit from large mat rooms capable of training up to 30 students at a time whereas our existing facility allows for only ten students. The second building measuring more than 75,000 square feet will include an indoor, climate and environmentally controlled tactical training village including casino simulations and other incidents to enable our First Responders to train realistically for a variety of events ranging from personal and citizen defense to high profile scenarios and in particular active shooter situations.

This indoor tactical training village allows units to work together to provide a comprehensive response to active shooter events through the use of simulated towns in order to respond in a coordinated manner saving lives and protecting our officers. Reality Based Training is a well-planned method of putting officers in the most realistic situations possible providing the conditioning, decision-making skills, and stress inoculation that saves lives in real-world scenarios.

There is an overwhelming amount of science-based evidence that the best reality-based training is the strongest method of overcoming stress and ensuring that the training sticks when our officers need it the most, for us and for them. This facility is the largest and most comprehensive project of this type in the nation. It will be a lasting and standing testament to Vegas Strong.

Please consider supporting our fundraising campaign to make a new Reality Based Training Center in Southern Nevada a reality. Your contribution to the Foundation shows your dedication to a safer community. 

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