100 Club Strengthens Communities Through Leadership Support

In the spirit of camaraderie and gratitude, the LVMPD Foundation held its annual “Lunch with the Sheriff” event to recognize the steadfast support members of its esteemed 100 Club provide.

The 100 Club is an affinity program of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation that embodies a spirit of unwavering support for law enforcement. The 100 Club derives its name from the call letters of the Sheriff, symbolizing the profound connection between its members and the dedicated men and women who serve and protect our vibrant city.

At its core, the 100 Club is a beacon of leadership, encouraging individuals and businesses alike to foster a safer and more harmonious environment. Membership in the 100 Club represents a commitment to supporting law enforcement annually, facilitating the fulfillment of essential needs and initiatives that enhance the capabilities of the LVMPD.

During the “Lunch with the Sheriff” event, attendees had the opportunity to witness the Department’s latest crime-fighting technology, including a demonstration of a new robotic dog. This cutting-edge innovation allows police to assess potential threats, enter hazardous environments, and gather vital information without risking human officers.

Sheriff Kevin McMahill, during his address at the luncheon, emphasized his commitment to supporting our brave law enforcement officers and fostering a city where safety and harmony flourish. He highlighted the importance of new health and wellness initiatives, acknowledging the demanding and stressful nature of police work. Prioritizing officers’ well-being leads to improved job performance, reduced burnout, and enhanced decision-making abilities, creating a safer and more effective policing experience for both officers and our neighborhoods.

We would like to congratulate our new 100 Club members:

Best Mattress
Dollar Loan Center
Domino’s World Resource Center
Engelstad Foundation
Las Vegas Sands Corporation
Kirk Pierce
San Diego Foundation
Snow Frosty
Sunshine Minting

The 100 Club exemplifies the collaborative efforts of citizens, businesses, and the police, all working together to forge stronger bonds and build a collective shield against crime. If you want to become part of this transformative force, we encourage you to visit the LVMPD Foundation’s 100 Club website at https://lvmpdfoundation.org/100-club/ for more information.