LVMPD Foundation Dedicates Joseph Lombardo Building

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation dedicated the first building at the Reality Based Training Center on the Joint Emergency Training Institute campus to Sheriff and Governor-Elect Joseph Lombardo for his leadership as Clark County Sheriff for the last eight years.

The newly christened Joseph Lombardo Building came online this year and is the first building in what will be the country’s most advanced, highly technical, reality-based tactical training center. Multiple law enforcement and first responding agencies in Southern Nevada train there on how best to respond to mass casualty events, accidents, and criminal incidences, emphasizing de-escalation tactics.

The LVMPD Foundation launched a $35 million fundraising campaign to design and construct the Joseph Lombardo Building and a second building that will house an indoor tactical training village. The training village will have realistic settings such as a casino, retail outlets, and a school to collaboratively train.

The Foundation has secured more than $25 million through private donations. “Thanks to the community’s generous support, the first phase of the project was built within a remarkably quick timeline for a project of this magnitude,” said Kovach.

“Public safety is fundamental to a thriving community, and it is only fitting that we name such a game-changing, transformative facility for Joe Lombardo, under whose tenure it came to fruition,” Kovach continued. “As Sheriff Lombardo prepares to lead our state as Governor, we are confident this building will be a permanent reminder of his lasting impact on public safety in Southern Nevada.”