Friends of LVMPD Foundation Receive a Grant – Cox Charities

Every 15 Minutes Program
Receives Cox Charities Support

We are pleased to announce that the impactful Every 15 Minutes program through LVMPD has received a generous donation from Cox Charities.

Cox employees selected this safe driving program for a $6,000 grant for 2015. LVMPD Officer Kelly Raybuck received the very kind donation at a special ceremony this summer. The contribution toward this program will be used to reach new drivers in high school. The goal is to instill in young drivers the potential life changing impact of dangerous and drunk driving.

This marks the third year that the Every 15 Minutes program has been awarded funding through the employees at Cox Communications via Cox Charities. The safety program involves student and parent actors along with local first responders who team up to provide a realistic scene and emotional story of the possible impact from drunk driving. Students at four high schools are touched by the program each school year.

We offer a sincere thank you to Cox employees and Cox Charities for their continued support of the efforts to keep our streets and drivers safer. Read more >>