Footings Poured at Reality Based Training Center

With permits in hand, a significant construction milestone happened at the Reality-Based Training Center.

Cement trucks entered the site and started to pour the footings. Made of concrete and reinforced with rebar, footings are poured into an excavated trench to support the foundation and prevent settling.

The Reality-Based Training Center will provide essential, life-saving training to local, state, and national law enforcement officers and first responders.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation is leading the effort to secure funding for the first phase of a cross-jurisdictional training facility, funded through private dollars.

The first phase is valued at $25 million and includes two adjacent buildings. The first building will be 50,000 square feet of dedicated training resources, including mat rooms, classrooms, simulators, offices, and other administrative space for the LVMPD management of the facility. The second building will be a 75,000 square foot tactical training village.

Reality-based training is a well-planned method of putting officers in the most realistic situations possible by providing the conditioning, decision-making skills, and stress inoculation that saves lives in real-world scenarios.

This facility is the largest and most comprehensive project of this type in the nation. It will be a lasting and standing testament to Vegas Strong.