COX CHARITIES and UNITED WAY Support LVMPD’s Every 15 Minutes Program

Cox Charities and United Way have named LVMPD’s Every 15 Minutes program as one of 37 programs receiving funding in the valley. This is just one of many LVMPD programs that help keep our community and citizens safer, and rely in part or entirely on contributions.

2013-02-25-COX-CHARITIES-logoThe Foundation and LVMPD offer a big “thank you” to Cox Communications employees who selected this worthy program from a list of so many great non-profit community efforts.


2013-02-25-225x300LVMPD Officer Kelly Raybuck, organizer for the program, accepted the $5,000 dollar donation in February 2013. That money will now be used to help fund four events reaching well over 5,000 students in Clark County schools. Every event is funded by donations like this one from Cox Charities and United Way.

Every 15 Minutes is a TWO-DAY collaborative effort to reach teenage  drivers in Clark County. The goal is to make an impression on teens of the dangers of distracted or dangerous driving. From drinking and driving, texting and driving, talking on the cell phone, chatting with friends instead of focusing on the road and traffic signs, eating food, putting on makeup, or maybe racing other teen friends. These are all actions that can put any driver in danger, but especially inexperienced teenage drivers who are still learning the power of the wheel and their car.

LVMPD now cohosts four events per year. Organizers take an actual wrecked car to a local high school, and involving students and parents as actors to take viewing students on the often emotional story of the potential result of dangerous driving. Also on hand are LVMPD officers, CSI, EMT’s and safe driving advocates, and the lesson continues in the Emergency Room, with video rolling. The next day the high school students see the full drama unfold and may hear real stories of tragedy involving kids their own age, and how to hopefully avoid becoming a victim.

Thanks again to Cox Charities and United Way for their generous donation toward this impactful endeavor.