Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo Memorial Scholarship Fund – Award

It was June 8, 2014 when LVMPD officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo were targeted and killed while on duty by a husband-wife duo bent on mayhem. Civilian Joseph Wilcox also died that day while trying to stop the subjects. The senseless violence left our community in mourning, and also brought us together. LVMPD Foundation Board Member, Ron Coury, vowed to create something positive from the rampage. Coury and business partner Don Tamburro have donated $250,000 to date for the LVMPD Foundation Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo Memorial Scholarship. Now 5 years later, these civic leaders continue to stand united with LVMPD and celebrate the educational endeavors of college students in the LVMPD “family.”

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients! 

Jeremy Batu
John Beckerle
Caitlyn Bledsoe
Soerra harding
Kirsten Kircher
Devon Kisfalvi
Santiago LaRochelle
Steven Miller
Gabriel G. Pence
Jarrod Perez

Please visit our website in 2020 for more information regarding scholarship applications.